Keder Frame Tents

Keder frame tents are designed to be an upgrade from a standard frame tent. This beautiful tent is more of a structure and features gabled clear ends and clear sidewall available. They also can go on driveways, asphalt, or concrete surfaces. These tents are held up by the framework and do not have a center pole. Water Barrels or concrete blocks may be needed at an additional charge. Please remember the seating is an estimate with no other space for things such as food, drink, gifts…etc.

SizeSeating RangePrice
40 x 3080-1201200.00
20 x 45120-1601800.00
40 x 60160-2002400.00
40 x 75200-2403000.00
40 x 90240-2803600.00
40 x 105280-3204200.00
Tent Liners, Lighting, Heaters, Pole Covers, SidewallCall for Pricing

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