What you need to know about your rental experience

Quote vs. Reservation-All requests will begin as a quote until the 50% down payment is made and the contract is signed.  Billing customers must at least sign the contract to make it an order.  All rental equipment is inventory based, and is on a first come first serve basis. Please be aware that once we reserve an order, other orders may be turned away to honor our commitment to your request.  If price quotes are not converted to a reservation within 10 days they are cancelled.


Guest Counts-We ask that you reserve the top number you may have and you have up until 10 days before to make the changes.  At that 10 day mark you may add more items if they are available but you may not take anything off.


Quantities-All glassware is rented in full racks.  The size of the glass determines the number of glasses per rack.  Racking ensures accurate counts in and out of the facility, and also keeps the product in sanitized condition.  All dinnerware come in either 15 or 20 depending on the pattern. Flatware, napkins, chair covers, and sashes all come in 20’s.

Customer Pickups & Returns Must be done in a vehicle that provides safe transport of the equipment. Some equipment requires specific types of vehicles to transport your rentals, ask your sales rep for details.  Meredith Party Rentals cannot and will not provide any kind of rope or bungee cord nor will they secure your load for you. Securing of the load is the renter’s responsibility and Meredith Party Rentals will not be responsible for your vehicle under any circumstance.


Preparing for a Tent Delivery-As the contractor we will pull Oups/Missdig tickets for your property.  Do not interfere or remove those markings until after staking is complete.  Mark all sprinkler lines and any other underground facilities and hold Meredith Party Rentals harmless if a line is hit due to lack of markings. This would include any pool lines, sprinklers, or any other item not monitored by underground protective services. Clear yard of obstructions and waste including but not limited to lawn furniture and animal feces. Grass should be mowed the Wednesday before your event or earlier. We will not hold up a delivery because you are mowing your grass. By law an open flame must be at least 20 ft. from a tent.  Any damage to a tent from cooking, improper heating, or any other action by the customer will be at the renter’s expense.


Standard Delivery and Pickup-All deliveries are made during our normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm.  Deliveries requested outside of that timeframe may incur an additional charge.  Please check with your facility in advance for any restrictions or requirements.  All timing must be arranged in advance, last minute requests may not be possible.  All deliveries are at ground level and may incur extra charge for elevator deliveries to other floors. We will not deliver to a basement under any circumstance.

Labor Service-We offer setup and teardown of tables, chairs, and pipe & drape at an additional charge.  This must be requested in advance of delivery and a detailed diagram must be submitted before delivery.


Afterhours Delivery & Pickup-If requested, target times are listed in the Delivery and Pickup instructions.  Please ensure that this information is correct and if for some reason you are done early you can call the on call number at 567-694-1228 and we may be able to get ahold of the crew. There is a premium charge for this service as we have to pay our employees double time to come in.


Rentals Ready for Pickup-Items should be at the agreed upon pickup location restacked in the same fashion they were dropped off in.  Items must be rinsed free of food, we should not know what you had for dinner to ensure you receive your refundable cleaning fee. Return all items to the racks they were transported WITHOUT the bags in them.  Please throw the bags away once you open them.  Linen bags are provided for linen that are specifically labeled with your name so we can identify them when they are returned.  If any items were sent in crate please make sure that the items are returned to the crates before pickup.


Inclement Weather– Weather has the potential for dangerous conditions for you and your guests.  Please have back up plans in place if the weather deems a tented event dangerous due to wind, flooding, or snow.


Cancellation Policy-You may cancel reservation orders at any time with the following conditions.  Meredith Party Rentals agrees to give half of the down payment back if you cancel within 30 days of your assigned delivery date.  If you cancel between the 30 days and 10 day final number and final payment date your down payment would be non-refundable.  All orders cancelled within 10 days of their delivery date are subject to payment in full for the event.  Meredith Party Rentals reserves the right to make a determination if the event can be rescheduled with or without penalty.


After Hours On Call-If you have a rental with us and have an emergency outside of the standard business hours please call 567-694-1228 and leave a message with your problem.  A Meredith representative will get back to you in a timely fashion.

Orders can be e-mailed in to any of our representatives.  Our email addresses are: 



  • If you do not receive a response within 48 hours please call the office.
  • Please do not e-mail day of orders.  Please call the office and speak to someone directly 419-531-9977

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